Breathtaking Vacation Destinations in Egypt

Breathtaking Vacation Destinations in Egypt

The Eid Al-Adha weekend is just a few days away although some have been organizing their vacations since the last Eid rest, several others continue to pause – even squabble – over where to invest the ‘Bairam’ rest. Cairenes’ go to holidays revolve in and about Alexandria and the North Coast; but we are here to let you know that you will find lots of options to escape Cairo’s brouhaha this Eid.

In the archaic paradise that is Siwa, to the nightlife-buzzing Red Sea location that is Sahl Hasheesh, there is plenty waiting to be investigated across the shores in Egypt.


A lovely coastal town most known to be and located 500km away from Cairo the-go to location for those seeking a water-exercise- Dahab charms, themed vacation using its breathtaking Red Sea locations overlooking the Sinai desert and by its wonders.

In Dahab, you are able to enjoy a variety of activities including diving, windsurfing, desert hiking, snorkelling and climbing.

Combining a budget- friendly accommodation, along with a laid back hippie life-style, Dahab proceeds to be an alternative vacation destination for an outstanding spot for water-sports and many travellers that are independent.

Enjoy your Eid rest at Dahab’s Sindbad Camp or at Dahab Divers Hotel – should you not mind going a little over budget. While you are at it, take to the Kitchen Restaurant for delectable meals at prices that are exceptionally affordable.

Castle Zaman

With its breathtaking view over looking Jerusalem, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and its perfect place between Taba and Nuweiba, Castle Zaman is that certain destination for vacationers seeking a less mainstream getaway, mystic and a private.

While that stone-carved castle using a mountain-like exterior-combining an old, historical and real ambiance-doesn’t offer accommodation, the castle offers, nonetheless, an immaculate stone pool with panoramic Red sea-view, along with some tasty slow-cooked foods served in pottery dishes. Only half an hour away from Taba and Nuweiba, Castle Zaman encourages an all-natural encounter, where you could benefit from the tranquillity, the water as well as the current weather.

El Gouna

El Gouna is a perfect destination for vacationers seeking to really have a bundle of sea, sunshine, pool, while enjoying top notch nightlife and hotel experiences. Gouna’s resorts are designed with top quality providers –resort, private beaches, enormous pools- assuring you a lavish stay, not to mention some exceptional dining choices like the Club Home, Maritim, Pier 88 and Jobos Sports Bar.

In terms of daytime tasks, El Gouna offers a variety of water-sports including waterskiing, kite browsing, boating, diving, boating, along with aquarium excursions, desert safari and promenades. In the event that you don’t mind spending a bit and searching to have that little-bit-of-every thing getaway, El Gouna is best.


An oasis keeping among the very unique primitive ambiances you will find in Egypt – along with a few monolithic sights including the Mountain of the Lifeless and Alexander’s Temple of the Oracle –Siwa has its own unique unique Berber lifestyle.

Worlds the oasis, a way from El Gouna is filled with with palm trees, with houses generated from salt, donkey carts roaming around the roads and h AS several e CO-lodges with natural spring pools, equipped with every one of the required accommodation services.

Eco-lodges like Adrere or Taziry Amellal, although fairly pricey, offer magical vacation experiences using a no- real Bedouin, electricity policy aesthetic and breath-taking views over-Looking the lake and the Adrè re Amellal (the White Mountain in the Amazigh language).

We also recommend Carols Ghaliet Lodge or Siwa Gardens you stay, there is nothing quite like taking a stroll downtown to relish the oasis’ artisanship that is nearby, with vendors promoting silverware, basketry and embroidery.

Sahl Hasheesh

Though formerly favoured for partners as a honeymoon location, over the past few years, Sahl Hasheesh has evolved to be a popular spot for a relaxing vacation plus among the greatest go to night-life destinations on the Red Sea.

A 20 minute push from Hurghada, the resort encompasses dozens of resorts with premium services, including Premier Romance Hotel, Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh and Tropitel Sahl Hasheesh.

Using a breath-taking sea view, diving excursions to research underwater wonders and its marine-life, persistent DJ beach parties, exclusive fine dining areas and numerous others, spend your vacation there and you should not hesitate to pack your bags; Sahl Hasheesh has some thing for everyone.


Situated on the tip of Sinai, Nuweiba is just another perfect location for vacationers seeking to have both a laid-back as well as a budget-friendly vacation.

Simple in its existence, Nuweiba is a coastal metropolis ideal for those who find themselves looking for peace and tranquillity; with attractions including water activities-largely dive and snorkelling – inexpensive eateries offering organic food that is tasty, and many local stores selling crafts that are Bedouin.

Nuweiba combines some decent resorts –of which we urge Nakhil Inn and Dream – along with cheap camps and lodges convenient for backpackers; including Habiba Beach Lodge, Dayra and Moon Island C Amp.

Ain El Sokhna

A just one-and-a-half an hour away from Cairo, Ain El Sokhna has consistently been that rapid – occasionally impulsive – chill out location for most. While most Sokhna holidays usually entail staying in a pal ‘s – or mo Re likely, a friend’s friends’ – area, hotel choices at Sokhna include the township’s well-liked resorts Moevenpick Re Sort and Jaz Small Venice. Should you perform your cards right, you can have a vacation that is cheap and cheerful, but you’ll need to create your personal fun with Tabla being among the only venues which may take you away from the shore.

Happy Eid!

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